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simpler, better and quicker reporting of pupil behaviour...  and more

Our online software helps schools, PRUs and APs better understand their pupils' behaviour and what's happening in their setting.

We help you understand your pupil behaviour data, make informed decisions quickly and be connected to what's happening with your staff and pupils. 

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IRIS Adapt

behaviour management software for special schools, PRU and AP

Whatever data you need to collect, Accidents, Interventions, Incidents and more, whatever processes you need to monitor, IRIS Adapt does just that – your way!

We’ll sit down with you and work out what you really need, and ensure its implementation is as straightforward as possible, with the shallowest of learning curves for staff.

Data done your way – to suit your precise needs.

Teacher helping pupil

Teacher helping pupil with task.


Log and analyse 

 behaviour, RPI, triggers, antecedents and more, quickly and easily via input screens fully customised to your needs.


Log accidents and injuries to both pupils and staff via fully featured accident forms. Identify accident location and time hotspots quickly + easily.


Monitor the use of physical and other interventions (TeamTeach, SCIP etc). Track the effectiveness of de-escalation and calming strategies 


Include a secure, restricted access safeguarding log. Have all your pupil data in one comprehensive timeline.  More secure than using a bound book


If you routinely administer medication to pupils, we can include a fully featured pupil medication management system. 

comms log

Record all significant pupil communication, with parents, other professionals or agencies, quickly and easily.

Instantly view all previous communication for a pupil.


IRIS Adapt includes an attendance register feature for those small independents and Alternative Provision who do not need a full MIS system such as SIMS.

What else?

Whatever you need! Notes on pupil meetings, Behaviour Management Plans, Health Care Plans, Positive Handling Plans ... all fully customised to your needs.

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working with specialist  settings of all kinds; PRU, AP, SEND


IRIS Adapt has all the key features you need 


IRIS Adapt offers all the security features necessary for the safe processing of confidential pupil data - from encrypted connections to user access control and more ...

fully customisable

With IRIS Adapt, customising does not simply mean adding your own options to set menus. Each data capture form on the system is fully customised in terms of layout, content and terminology; we literally start with a blank sheet of paper!

ALERTS & notifications

IRIS Adapt is not just a passive  database.  It has the ability to respond to a host of events and conditions on the system.

Workflow assistance

 As well as keeping users informed, IRIS Adapt has a number of features designed to facilitate effective workflow for busy teachers.


Most other systems aimed at schools are built to do a specific job. IRIS Adapt is not only the Swiss Army Knife  of pupil data management, but in most cases does the job better than the dedicated system

in-depth analysis

IRIS Adapt's built-in 'point and click' analysis tools allow school leaders to interrogate their data in depth. Start with an overview of the whole school then drill right down  to track a single behaviour for a single child.


security features

In addition to having secure, encrypted internet connections IRIS Adapt also has a number of additional features to ensure that your data remains secure.

Secure user access
Access to the IRIS Adapt system is by individual username and password. 2 factor authentication can be included if required.

user access control
Unlimited and highly customised user access groups mean that your staff will only see what they need to see. An essential feature for keeping information confidential.

fully journaled system
Every entry or edit is logged and date stamped, together with time and user ID. All previous version of a record remain available. 


Fully customised setup

Almost every aspect of the IRIS Adapt system can be customised to your school's specific needs. Want to put individual pupil restraint reduction plans on the system? No problem!

Data capture forms
Whether it's a Behaviour log, Accident form or anything else every item is fully customised to your needs. We can take your existing paper form and use the same layout and language as the original.

permissions and access
Fine-grained permissions and access levels are fully customisable, allowing school managers to control access to the system to an unprecedented degree.

Print templates
All records are available as fully customised printable templates. If you normally send a note home for minor accidents, for example, this can be done with a couple of clicks.


alerts and notifications

The IRIS Adapt system has the ability to trigger alerts based on almost any event or condition on the system; whether that's the logging of a specific event, record update or a threshold count value.
alert triggers

Triggers can be set to almost any action or condition. Be alerted when specific, concerning behaviours such as self-harm are logged , for example.

'Other staff' alerts
IRIS Adapt can automatically notify all other staff involved when an account of the event is submitted.

customised messages
Email or SMS notification messages can be configured to contain as much or as little information about the event as required. 



Some of the features to help staff work more effectively:

live, in-form calculations

Anything from automatically calculating pupil age based on DOB to calculating incident duration based on start - finish times entered to calculating risk scores... and more.

Conditional formatting
Data capture form fields can be made mandatory, or not, depending upon selections made in other fields. Menu list can be modified or filtered according to pupil selected.

Summary reports
A summary of the day's events and entries can be emailed daily, weekly etc to school leaders.



We provide schools with everything from just a single-purpose behaviour log to a complete pupil information management system - and everything in-between!

Fully featured pupil behaviour / incident logs
Capture and analyse key data - not just the usual location, time etc but triggers, setting events, functions, calming strategies, physical intervention, staff actions... and more.

specify your own suite of tools
What do you need, what do your staff need? We will work with you to create  solutions to the pain points you have in school. From downloadable BIPs and BMPs, Positive Handling Plans, Accident reports to Risk Assessments... and more.

update your setup for free
Things don't stay the same forever. As your cohorts change, as regulation and best working practice is amended - or even if you decide you have made the wrong choices when specifying your Adapt setup - your IRIS Adapt system can be updated, tweaked, expanded or revised on the fly at any time with no downtime and at no extra cost. 



IRIS Adapt comes with a unique feature; the ability to analyse in depth the information collected by your own custom system using two powerful tools; Tally - gives you statistics, percentages and charts. Trend - produces graphs showing trends and patterns over time.

single field analysis
Choose any field on any data capture form and IRIS Adapt will instantly produce a table showing the count for that variable within any given date range. Alternatively see a graph showing how that variable changes over a given time span. For example see the number of incidents (accidents, concerns etc) per pupil for the term to date.

Dual field analysis
Any field can be mapped against any other; e.g. map a single pupil's behaviour against time of day or location for example. Adding a RAG setting allows hotspots to be spotted easily. Table axes can be pivoted with one click. 
Data can be toggled between tabular format or bar charts.

contextual data
Another unique feature is the ability to pull in any contextual data linked via the pupil or staff. So Behaviour data, for example, can be mapped against or filtered by any contextual pupil data such as PP, FSM, LAC, CIN etc

who we help

IRIS Adapt is used in a range of different settings, mainly in the specialist provision sector, where one size does not fit all. Users of IRIS Adapt include local authorities, specialist provision (SEND) schools, PRUs and a range of maintained and independent alternative provision.

IRIS Adapt logo

IRIS Adapt logo

 Bridgelea PRU is an established Pupil Referral Unit which operates as part of the wider City of Manchester Learning Partnership with Manchester Secondary PRU.  Bridgelea Primary operates across two centres. 

Bridgelea PRU uses IRIS to log pupil incidents and accidents/injuries to both staff and pupils. Previously, PRU leaders had found it difficult to track pupil behaviour across all the two centres around the city.  Working closely with school leaders we implemented bespoke data capture forms for both incidents and accidents. Each centre across the city has direct access to these forms and the associated data analysis. However, each centre has access only to its own  staff and pupils' data. The PRU SLT however have access to all data across all centres. Centre leaders and SLT are kept informed via a range of bespoke alerts and notifications.

In addition to monitoring behaviour and injuries, Bridgelea use IRIS to monitor Near Miss events.     READ MORE

We have implemented a bespoke Alternative Provision Management system for all secondary schools across the LA. This includes a facility for schools to log their use of reduced timetable and alternative provision.  The system allows the LA access to live, detailed information on the use of each each intervention as well as detailed demographic information about the pupils concerned. The AP providers are able to enter details of their offer (type, cost, capacity etc) onto the system. Schools can browse details of all the AP offerings. Also included is a complete online Fair Access and Inclusion Panel referral system which will save huge amounts of time and wasted paper.

If you are an LA, please contact us for more details of this type of setup, which can easily be configured to monitor accidents or CP concerns.

Navigators is a dynamic and child-centred Alternative Education & Nurture Provision supporting children and young people across Greater Manchester.  Navigators use IRIS Adapt as their full management information system (MIS). Features include Attendance Register, weekly Timetable Planner, Student Daily Log, Safeguarding Concern Log, Accident and Injury Log, Risk Assessment Forms, Student and Staff Details Forms, Termly Reports amongst many others. The system is configured to automatically email referring schools with daily attendance reports as well as allowing referring schools direct access to their own student's daily logs. 

Please contact us for more details.

Whitfield Aspen School is a combination of a mainstream primary and a Specialist Resource Provision for pupils with an EHCP who have identified Profound, Severe and Complex Learning Needs (PSCN).  There are some highly individualised features in the IRIS Adapt configuration which is specific to the school's needs:

  • a bespoke full medication administration record (MAR) system which includes a medical incident log, medication received log,  health care plans as well as the actual medication administered log.
  • visiting professionals (NHS staff, speech therapists) who may only be in school one or two days a week can monitor progress of pupils in their care remotely and feed back advice and comments to staff in school.
  • the school has a fully bespoke safeguarding concern facility integrated into their IRIS system.  The system has all the necessary security features, such as refined access control and journal system, required for handling confidential information.

Lexden Springs is a special school having both day and residential pupils. All pupils have an EHC plan. The school caters for pupils with special educational needs, specifically severe learning difficulties, profound and multiple learning difficulties and autism spectrum disorder. As well as providing bespoke systems for logging pupil accidents and incidents in school, we have also created custom logs for the residential staff to record pupil activities morning and evening. IRIS Adapt's refined access control allows both teaching staff and residential staff access to all relevant information regarding children in their care. Residential staff can be alerted to incidents which may happen in school and have access to all the details. Similarly, school staff can review the AM and PM logs for their pupil before the school day begins. The result is seamless and effective communication between all staff, school and residential.

Brackenfield is a small special school for pupils with a range of learning difficulties and complex needs. All pupils have statements of special educational needs. The majority of pupils have moderate learning difficulties, and a minority have severe learning difficulties. Many pupils have additional needs including speech, language and communication difficulties and behavioural difficulties.

In addition to the usual accident, incident, behaviour and communication logs, we have provided the school with a fully featured pupil Medication Administration Record (MAR) which logs medication received , signed out or returned to the parent as well as the MAR form itself. When the MAR form is opened and a pupil name selected, it immediately displays which medication is due, recent medication administration history (so staff can see when the last medication was given and well as its name and dose) and any allergies or contraindications. The form will only offer medication specific to the pupil selected, greatly reducing the chances of the wrong medication being given.

In addition to the MAR we have also provided a detailed Seizure Record log, an Intimate/Personal Care log, a statutory 'Form 18' medication error form as well as a number of other niche features such as an equipment check log for staff to record the pre-use checks for slings, hoists, wheelchairs etc.

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