Flexible - fully customised to your needs

Unlike other systems that offer only limited customisation, IRIS Adapt is fully flexible and can be used to log pupil behaviour incidents, RPI or positive physical interventions, behaviour triggers, antecedent behaviour, safeguarding concerns, accident and injuries and much more. Each data capture screen is fully customised using your own familiar language, layout and workflow.

Secure - keep your data safe and confidential

Access is via secure, password protected individual user accounts. Data transfer via secure encrypted internet link.

Version Control - track all edits and alteration to records

Every action on the system is logged. Every edit and update to a record is logged with time, date and user. Records can be rolled back to any previous version.

Alerts - stay fully informed of significant events

IRIS Adapt includes a highly customisable alerting system. Staff can be alerted to any event on the system by email or text. Email or text alerts can be sent containing staff, pupil and incident details according to specific criteria; e.g. whenever a ground hold is executed or when an injury is sustained. IRIS Adapt can also alert when numbers of events or incidents reach a user-defined threshold.

File Attachment - keep all related documents in one place

You can attach documents to any record. For example witness statements, photo of damage, IBPs, risk assessments, copies of letters home etc. The file can be in any electronic format; MS Word, Excel, jpeg, pdf etc.

User Access - fine control over who sees what content

IRIS Adapt has fine-grained access control. Users will only see content relevant to them. Access to confidential records or areas of the system can be restricted to named users. Records can be locked from further editing if necessary.

Data Analysis - unique, in-depth 'point-and-click' analysis tools

Have instant access to detailed reports and analysis of your data. View a detailed breakdown of an individual pupil's behaviour, analyse data by year, house, class or down to individual pupil level, view graphs to track trends over time to assess the impact of pupil interventions or new school policies - all with a few clicks using IRIS Adapt's uniquely simple to use analysis tools. Export data into MS Excel with one click for further processing.

Points Weighting - score behaviours or interventions according to significance

Attach a points weighting to descriptors and menu items in your data capture screens. Assign high points weighting to high level behaviours or rewards and fewer points to low level descriptors. IRIS Adapt will automatically tally the points for you. Ideal for house or class competitions. Receive automatic alerts when points tallies reach target levels.

Updateable Content - as your needs change, so does IRIS Adapt

Your annual service contract includes unlimited tweaks and adjustments to the system. Want to update your rewards? need new RPI hold descriptors? new policy requires different work flow? Need to include parent contact logging? No problem! IRIS Adapt grows with you and changes according to your school's changing needs.

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