IRIS Adapt is a customisable, web-based data management platform which is specifically designed for the collection, collation, analysis and sharing of data across a large number of sites.

How IRIS Adapt can help you

The web-forms are created according to the LA's needs and specific requirements and can be used to collect data on:

  • Reportable accidents, near misses, dangerous occurences or notifiable disease
  • Racist, bullying or discrimination events (staff or pupils)
  • Use of part-time or reduced timetables by schools
  • Use of managed moves within the LA
  • Use of physical restraint in schools and PRU's
  • Reporting of child safeguarding concerns
  • Use of fixed term and permanent exclusion by schools

Data collected can include demographic data, such as pupil gender, ethnicity, SEN status, pupil premium etc, as well as details of the event.

How it works

The system can be configured to collect very specific data via custom web-forms. These data capture forms can be shared with all the schools, and other bodies, across the LA. Data entered via the system is live and is immediately available to the LA for statistical analysis. Unlike other reporting systems, ownership of the data remains with the school and can be updated or used by the school for its own internal purposes.

Benefits to the LA

The IRIS Adapt system offers a number of key benefits to your authority:

  • Saves huge amounts of time currently spent on collating, transcribing and processing data.
  • Admin staff free to be re-deployed onto other tasks.
  • Costs typically les than the cost of work hours saved.
  • Access to useful additional data previously too difficult or time consuming to obtain.
  • Key staff notified of events on the system via custom email and text alerts.
  • Improves efficiency by eliminating the problems of incomplete, illegible or ambiguous / unclear returns.
  • Improves efficiency by providing instant and convenient feedback methods to schools, directly via the system.
  • Eliminates the problem of updating reports after they have been submitted. Continued live access allows previously submitted records to be easily updated.
  • Reduces under-reporting by providing a simple, quick system which has added value to the school.

Benefits to your schools

Often schools regard reporting data back to the LA as a chore. Consequently, there is usually an element of under-reporting and missing or inaccurate information. IRIS Adapt provides a number of added incentives to encourage 'buy-in' to the system by schools.

  • Provides a convenient one-stop-shop for feedback of information to the LA.
  • Unlike other reporting systems, IRIS Adapt allows schools to retain ownership of data, which they can use for their own internal purposes such as governor's reports, Ofsted and statistical analysis.
  • Data capture forms can include features of use to schools but which are not required (and not seen) by the LA - enhancing the system's utility for the school.


  • Security - IRIS Adapt is a highly secure platform. Access is via individual, password protected user accounts and data is transfered via a secure encrypted (https) internet link. All data is stored on private, UK-based servers.
  • Flexibility - Unlike other, static systems, IRIS Adapt can respond readily to your changing needs. Amendments to the system can be made quickly and easily on the fly with no downtime and usually no cost.
  • Audit trail - IRIS Adapt includes full version control. Every action, edit or entry on the system is time and date stamped with user details. Reports can be rolled back to any previous version. It is this feature which permits the system to be used for safeguarding and accident reporting.
  • Data analysis - IRIS Adapt has powerful built-in statistical analysis tools, allowing your data to be interrogated in-depth quickly and easily. Data can be exprted to MS Excel with one click.
  • User access control - IRIS Adapt has fine-grained access control. Users will only see the content relevant to them. Access to confidential records or areas of the system can be restricted to named users or groups. For example, accident reports would be seen only by H+S staff, who would not see any other content. Records can be locked from further editing if necessary.
  • Alerts - IRIS Adapt allows users to keep fully informed of events on the system via email or text message. Alert triggers are highly customisable and can be based on cumulative numbers entered as well as specific fields or values selected.
  • File attachment - Electronic files can be attached to any record. Useful for reports, witness statements, photographs of damage etc.


There are two main elements to the cost:

  • Initial setup fee - this is based on the number and complexity of the web forms required and includes an element to cover any on-site training. This is a one-off cost.
  • Annual licence fee - this is a recurring fee and is based on the number of schools involved, the number of data capture forms required and whether student data is uploaded onto the system. This fee includes hosting, database maintenance, telephone and email support to LA staff, all updates, bug fixes etc, as well as unlimited user accounts for LA staff. Importantly, this also includes unlimited tweaks and adjustments to the system.

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