Are you struggling to collect and collate key data from across your trust or group? Are you still manually transcribing data onto spreadsheets in order to track your KPIs?

IRIS Adapt is the ONLY application available to schools which is capable of providing detailed reporting via custom data capture forms, across multiple sites.

  • Track pupil behaviour, accidents, injuries, child safeguarding directly on a global, school, year, class or individual pupil level.
  • Collect key data and have instant analysis on KPIs such as attendance, staff absence, exclusions, complaints etc.
  • Receive custom alerts to key events on the system or when specified thresholds are exceeded.
  • Collect exactly the data you need in the format you need it via custom designed data capture forms.

Local authorities and LSCBs

Do you need to be collecting data on physical restraint in special schools and PRUs? Are you still collecting data on accidents to children and teachers, bullying and safeguarding concerns via paper forms and email?

Solve all your CYP data collection and analysis issues with a custom installation of IRIS Adapt. A highly cost effective LA-wide solution.

Regarding physical restraint, the ADCS in it guidance to members recommends that, as a minimum, the written record should include:

  • the names of the staff and children or young people involved
  • the date, time and duration of the intervention
  • the reason for using physical intervention, rather than using an alternative strategy
  • the nature of any de-escalation used seeking to prevent the need to intervene physically
  • the type of physical intervention used
  • whether or not anyone was hurt, if so the action taken
  • whether or not anyone was distressed, if so the action taken
  • the views of the child or young person

IRIS Adapt provides a quick, efficient and highly cost effective solution to the monitoring of physical restraint (or RPI - Restrictive Physical Intervention). Whether your schools use Team Teach, SCIPr ('Skip'), MAPPA or other physical intervention system, Adapt can be customised to suit.

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