• Save huge amounts of time in processing behaviour and intervention data using custom data capture forms specifically designed for your needs.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of individual pupil behaviour plans and interventions. Assess the effectiveness of school policies.
  • Have detailed evidence for EHC reviews and bids for funding.

We have replaced our original system with a custom installation of IRIS Adapt. We use the system to log incidents, rewards, parental contacts, parental complaints and any physical interventions with students. The data captured by the system is specific to our needs and includes times of day, antecedent behaviour, teacher intervention and more. We now use IRIS Adapt extensively as a management tool to monitor the impact of our policies and to inform decision making.

Key Features:

  • Logs behaviour, RPI, triggers, antecedents and more, quickly and easily via input screens fully customised to your needs.
  • Password protected access via secure, encrypted internet link.
  • Full document version control. Every edit is logged and documents can be rolled back to any previous version.
  • Highly customisable email alerts.
  • Attach documents to incidents - photos, witness statements, IBP's, risk assessments etc.
  • Detailed reports and analysis of your data.
  • Readily facilitates collaboration and sharing of data with external agencies.

Using IRIS Adapt gives us more time to focus on what the data is showing us, rather than spending time collating and processing the data manually. Staff are able to complete an incident report in under 5 minutes, rather than the 30 minutes it often took previously. Our staff report much better time management and safeguarding is significantly improved as under-reporting of incidents is much reduced.

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