Critical data required by Ofsted such as student accidents, interventions, safeguarding concerns, staff CPD records, lesson observation records and more can all be logged in one versatile management tool. Each log is fully customised to collect precisely the data you need.

IRIS Adapt has revolutionised the way we deal with vulnerable students. It has allowed our pastoral team to work together more effectively by sharing information and recording actions and comments.

In their inspections, Ofsted will assess:

  • how appropriately child welfare and child protection concerns are identified and responded to by the school.
  • how effectively the school works with key agencies to safeguard and promote the welfare of children
  • how well the school prioritises safeguarding, and monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of its policies and practices

IRIS Adapt provides a highly cost effective alternative to expensive, single solution applications for safeguarding, accidents, bullying and monitoring SEN and Pupil Premium students.

Ofsted asked about the Adapt system and requested a number of reports (number of incidents over specified time period etc) which we were able to provide instantly.

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