• Save huge amounts of time processing behaviour and intervention data.
  • Develop better focused staff training and target resources more effectively.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of interventions and school policies.
  • Have detailed evidence for EHC reviews and bids for funding.

IRIS Adapt completely replaces cumbersome paper systems with an efficient on-line application which delivers live data to school leaders on demand, anytime, anywhere.

We take the time to understand your needs and requirements. We work with you to provide an online application which retains the best features of your current system - language, layout, workflow etc - but with none of the disadvantages.

Whether you use Team Teach, PROACT SCIPr-UK or other positive handling systems, IRIS Adapt can be fully customised to suit; giving in-depth analysis of staff interventions at the click of a button.

Key Features:

  • Logs behaviour, RPI, triggers, antecedents and more, quickly and easily via input screens fully customised to your needs.
  • Password protected access via secure, encrypted internet link.
  • Full document version control. Every edit is logged and documents can be rolled back to any previous version.
  • Highly customisable email alerts.
  • Attach documents to incidents - photos, witness statements, IBP's, risk assessments etc.
  • Detailed reports and analysis of your data.
  • Readily facilitates collaboration and sharing of data with external agencies.

As the person who analyses the data, it makes my job so much easier than before. I can analyse a whole range of data which was previously either difficult or impossible to obtain. It has shortened the process of effective analysis by at least one working day. As a result we have up to date information on individual pupil, whole class and whole school data which helps us to plan effectively to support pupils and improve the behaviour in school.

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